At Laminex New Zealand, we believe that sustainability goes beyond safeguarding the environment; it encompasses a commitment to the well-being of our planet, people, and purpose. Our approach is rooted in acknowledging the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and cultural aspects to foster a truly sustainable planet for generations to come.

Transparency in action

We are dedicated to transparency in our sustainability efforts. By sharing our journey throughout the pages below, we aim to foster trust and accountability. Read on to learn more about our goals for our impact across the dimensions of Planet, People, and Purpose.

Our Pillars of Sustainability


We’re committed to meeting industry-leading standards to provide the most sustainable offerings to our customers.​

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Learn about our innovative approaches that contribute to product circularity, reducing our footprint.

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As part of Fletcher Building, we’re committed to lowering our carbon emissions.

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Learn about our commitment to social responsibility.

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Download our certifications

Visit our technical documents page to browse and download our sustainability certifications.

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