We're committed to the environment

One of Laminex New Zealand’s core objectives is to improve the environmental sustainability of our manufacturing operations, warehouses and our corporate offices. We are committed to advancing on the path to sustainability through the management of:

  • ● our raw materials
  • ● our waste
  • ● our energy consumption

Each of our facilities has a detailed annual sustainability plan in place to drive continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact and we are dedicated to involving our employees in these initiatives. Laminex New Zealand is also an active member of the Sustainable Business Network and the NZ Green Building Council.

Responsible Forest Management

As a large manufacturer of wood products, we respect and support responsible forest management and are committed to producing quality products that are backed by the very best certifications. Laminex New Zealand (FSC-C102329) has achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), Chain of Custody certification for all our local manufacturing plants, along with the entire supply chain. This means that all certified MDF wood products from these plants are produced using responsibly sourced wood fibres.

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Low Emission Products

Laminex New Zealand has a wide choice of low emission products. Backed by independent certification and testing, the use of these products can help accrue points in the New Zealand Green Building Council Green Star and Homestar tools.

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Laminex New Zealand was the first company in Australasia to have a product (Strandfloor) listed as ‘Red List Free’ in the Declare database – one of the building industry’s most rigorous and ambitious performance standards. Considered the ‘nutrition label’ for the industry, the Declare label offers unprecedented transparency in the ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing of labelled products. Leading on from the success of Strandfloor, a selection of Red List Free materials are now available such as Strandboard and Laminex Solid Surface.

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Packaging take-back scheme

While Laminex New Zealand has several sustainability successes to its name, one that has come direct from the shop floor is the “Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle’ initiative adopted by the sales, distribution and supply chain teams. Born from the desire to aid our customers in reducing waste-to-landfill, the distribution teams began a take-back scheme on the bearers, cover-sheets and pallets used to package and transport orders. Each year, this scheme removes over 180 tonnes of waste from landfill, as well as reducing the raw materials which would have been required to replace these items.

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Turning wood waste into energy

Laminex New Zealand has taken a loss and made it into a profit by turning wood waste at the Taupo site into energy bricks – an innovation that has been given the thumbs up by industry experts for saving the planet thousands of tonnes of landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions every year. The 'briquette machine' compresses sander dust (from making particleboard) into a renewable energy source – briquettes – and removes about 1,000 tonnes a year (72 wheelie bins a day) from landfill.

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