What is HIMACS?

An outstanding material.
HIMACS is a delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface. The material meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects: material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene.
Thanks to these qualities and the outstanding flexibility in fabrication and design, HIMACS offers countless advantages over conventional materials.

Bathroom with white acrylic bathtub, sink, splashback Bathroom with white acrylic bathtub, sink, splashback
HIMACS Aurora Ecru bathtub, sink and splashback

HIMACS and the Environment

LX Hausys leads the way in terms of environmentally responsible action on a global scale, always staying true to this promise. We take environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Silica Free

HIMACS does not have Crystalline Silica as an ingredient nor is it used in any part of the manufacturing process.

Material Composition

Aluminium trihydroxide, the main component of HIMACS, is a resource-efficient bi-product of Bauxite (aluminium production). This allows a valuable raw material, that would otherwise be discarded without being used, to be utilised in a meaningful way (“Second life concept”).

Material Safety

Extensive studies – within LX Hausys’ own laboratories as well as tests carried out by other renowned independent institutions – have shown that the HIMACS material itself, as well as the cured adhesive, are completely free from formaldehyde and emissions. HIMACS has been awarded the Greenguard Gold Indoor Air Quality Certificate.

Manufacturing Process

The production of this solid surface material is marked by an excellent energy balance. In recent years, the company was very successful in achieving ambitious goals in terms of waste reduction and water conservation. In addition, HIMACS plants in Cheongju (Korea) and Atlanta (USA) meet all environmental standards.


The material allows for virtually waste-free processing. In addition, HIMACS installations are extremely strong and durable. They can easily be renewed to their original appearance, meaning they don’t have to be replaced, thus giving a positive long-term environmental footprint.

Awards, Certificates, and Regular Testing

Numerous internationally recognised certificates show the strong focus of LX Hausys on environmental issues. Without exception, all HIMACS products are manufactured in accordance with environmental standard ISO:14001 and are NSF and Greenguard Certified. LX Hausys also voluntarily submits to regular environmental audits and energy consumption analyses, publishing the results afterwards.

Kitchen cabinetry natural wood grain Kitchen cabinetry natural wood grain
Modern French country style white kitchen Modern French country style white kitchen
Acrylic solid surface sink Acrylic solid surface sink
Acrylic solid surface kitchen sink Acrylic solid surface kitchen sink

From left to right: Benchtop Featuring Aurora Concrete, Benchtop and Splashback featuring Aurora Magnolia, Spa featuring Aurora Frost

Hygienic and Easy Maintenance

Seamless and non-porous, HIMACS has no crevices or surface irregularities where harmful bacteria and mould may reside. Unlike other surfaces, it doesn't require a regular reapplication of sealants or waxes to maintain hygienic properties.

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Outdoor Application

Exceptional quality means certain decors HIMACS is now suitable for outside application. More and more architects and builders are using the material for outdoor furniture or facade designs. The result: expansive, virtually seamless surfaces and an attractive visual style emanating from the linear or curved contours.

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Intense Ultra Black

Durable colour with improved wear resistance becomes more "intense", darker, with less visible scratches therefore less whitening. The new formulation allows for colour consistency during and after fabrication, maintaining the dark colour when worked, producing less sanding dust and leaving fewer sanding marks.

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Dramatic Translucency

Certain colors of HIMACS exhibit a special translucency when exposed to light. Depending on the light source, pattern and design, spectacular cut-out effects can add visual interest and create a completely new sense of space.

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