Eight Unique Styles Inspired by the Diverse Landscapes and Cultures of New Zealand

Design inspiration comes from many places – from nature, history, an art movement, an idea. So when we sat down with Toni Branso and Liv Patience of Material Creative to create the Laminex Design Styles, we invited them to draw from all quarters.

The result is a series of design palettes that show the depth and breadth of Aotearoa New Zealand. From the rugged West Coast to the softness of the east. From soft and subtle to bold and glamorous. The result is a series to inspire all tastes.

The Laminex New Zealand Design Styles were created by Material Creative and visualised in kitchen form in conjunction with Danni-Lee Designs.

By putting a complete palette together – benchtop, cabinetry, wall linings and accents – the whole kitchen or bathroom character can be imagined. Samples, photos and renders help homeowners understand the end result, giving more confidence in their design decisions. With selections made, joiners and builders can be booked in, and accessory choices can follow.

White Nights

The all-white kitchen is timeless. Simple and minimal, this design style is quietly self-assured.

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Ethereal and dreamy, the Digital palette is luminous. The style creates a soft and uncluttered interior to inspire a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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East Coast

Ready for the new day, this palette is inspired by the essence of the East Coast, morning light, and white-sand beaches.

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Grounded by natural colours and textures, Tonal is warm, serene and softly textured. Authentic and honest, the friendliness of Tonal makes it a backdrop for any occasion.

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Rustic and timeless, Heartland is inspired by the countryside and the comfort of a winter fire. Heartland textures define a practical and robust style in tune with the land.

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The classic, monochromatic palette of Tailored brings timeless European elegance.

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Inspired by the wild West Coast – its warm iron sand and golden accents – the deep, moody tones of Rugged define a rich and sophisticated interior.

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Crisp, serene and grounded in wood tones, Botanical is for people inspired by the outdoors. Like a gentle breeze, this palette is as bright and calm as a spring day.

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