SuperPine Structural Flooring

SuperPine® is a quality structural flooring panel manufactured in NZ using Pinus Radiata wood particles – bonded together with melamine urea formaldehyde resin.

This product has a BRANZ Appraisal, No. 1217 – covering use and meets the 50 year durability requirements of the New Zealand Building code.

SuperPine® comes with either a Tongue & Groove or Square Edge finish. It can be used as pre-laid or post-laid flooring over traditional timber floor joists, engineered timber joists, concrete floor slabs or wooden floors.

Panel Sizes
3600 x 1200 x 20
2400 x 1200 x 20

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SuperPine can be used:
 As pre-laid or post-laid flooring over traditional timber floor joists, engineered timber joists, such as “I” Joists, LVL and PosiSTRUT, or steel joists supports in single or double layer
 As an overlay to concrete floor slabs or wooden floors
 For general stair construction
 For shelving and packaging
 As carcass members for cabinetry

Where to buy

SuperPine is available from leading building supply merchants.

Where to buy

How long can SuperPine Square edge be exposed?

8 weeks.

What is the minimum ground clearance for SuperPine?

550mm to underside of the floor panel – this is a requirement of NZS3604/ NZBC.

Can I use SuperPine in wet areas?

No, we recommend you use StrandfloorH3.1.

Can I use SuperPine and Strandfloor together?

Yes, they are the same thickness so makes joining easy.

What is the Fastener centre spacings

150mm perimeter of sheet, 200mm intermediates (centre of sheet)

Should I apply a liquid sealer coating to protect SuperPine from the weather?
  • No. Liquid sealers trap any moisture in the panel and can accelerate decay.
  • Leave the floor in raw condition to allow release of absorbed moisture.
What are the maximum span centres for SuperPine?

600mm for both Square Edge and Tongue & groove.

Does SuperPine require sanding prior to floor coverings being installed?

Yes, Superpine must be sanded prior to carpet, vinyl and other types of floor covering installation. Please refer to the Superpine Technical manual.

Can I use screws to fix SuperPine?

Yes, refer to table 7.3 SuperPine Technical Manual for details.

What do I do if SuperPine has been exposed to weather for more than 8 weeks?

Please follow the steps outlined in the chart available for download below.

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Flooring Guide

Use the following guide to determine the right product to suit your specific application. Note: Other considerations may be necessary but this flow chart is a good first step.

Download the Technical Manual


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