Italian porcelain stone with exceptional performance.

Laminam is a full bodied Italian porcelain slab, using the highest quality raw materials, sintered under extreme pressure and heat to create an incredibly durable surface.

Why Laminam?

Porcelain surfaces with superior qualities and performance.

Laminam have pioneered the production of sintered porcelain surfaces which lead the market in strength, quality, and ease of fabrication.

Laminam is made entirely from natural stones and minerals - quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments are sintered together under extreme pressure and heat, making it incredibly resistant to water and fire - hot pots, spills and stains are no match for Laminam.

The manufacturing process perfects the precise amount of heat and pressure required to make high quality porcelain surfaces, whilst the high feldspar content makes it less brittle and more forgiving to fabricate than other sintered stones with a high glass content.

The revolutionary slab does not neglect environmental friendliness: natural raw materials, sustainable technology, and entirely recyclable products are at the heart of Laminam’s green philosophy.


The Supernova Range

Introducing the Laminam Supernova Project Range for Benchtops, in six inspiring new colours

View new colours

Left to right: 1. Laminam Noir Desir splashback and benchtop 2. Laminam Supernova Planet Black 3. Laminam Marble Black 4. Laminam Pietra Grey Splashback and Benchtop 5. Laminam Pietra di Savoia Pearla image credit Designmarked 6. Laminam Statuario Altissimo Splashback.

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