Laminam Slim Tiles - 3+mm and 5+mm

The thinnest slabs ever, the Laminam 3+ and 5+mm ranges offer an artistic palette for the creation of durable surfaces across a variety of applications.

The Laminam® 3+ range is suited to low impact residential flooring and wall covering application (either on screed or existing walls and floors not affected by heavy traffic through direct adhesion), splashbacks, ventilated facades and curtain walls.

The Laminam® 5+ range is ideal in residential and heavy commercial flooring applications, (either on screed or existing floors through direct adhesion), splashbacks, ventilated facades, curtain walls, furniture industry and interior design.

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Where can I buy Laminam 3+mm and 5+mm?

Laminam is available for purchase from accredited fabricators and installers that adhere to our safety and fabrication standards. You can download a list of Laminam 3+mm and 5+mm installers here.

How much does Laminam cost?

Depending on the complexity of the project, fabrication and installation of Laminam surfaces can make up a large portion of the cost of the installed product, so we always recommend asking for a quote for a finished benchtop or tile installation. However, as an indication, Laminam Supernova is at the entry level end for porcelain benchtops and Laminam itself is mid to upper range within our benchtop offering, depending on the décor chosen. You can use the $$ filter on the product page here to get a comparison of the price of the product for Laminam Benchtops.

What is Laminam made from?
Laminam is a porcelain stoneware ceramic slab made from natural materials like quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. Laminam has a low silica content of only 15% to 20% compared to other stone products.
What are the benefits of Laminam?

Low Maintenance & Hygienic – As Laminam does not absorb liquid it is not affected by prolonged contact with common kitchen spills such as wine, coffee, or lemon juice. It can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners. Additionally, it will not allow mould or bacteria to grow.

Resistant to Wear- Natural materials are compressed together under high heat and pressure making it highly scratch and abrasion resistant, its properties do not change even with intensive use.

Heat Resistant – Laminam easily withstands direct contact with very hot items in the kitchen such as hot pots and pans. Additionally, it will not release toxic smoke in a fire.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Laminam is frost resistant and is not affected by large changes in temperature or the formation of ice. It is not affected by exposure to UV light and will preserve its original good looks throughout its lifetime.

Low Silica – Laminam is made from feldspar, quarry clays and ceramic pigments making it between 15% to 20% silica

Where can I use Laminam 3mm?

Laminam 3+mm is ideal for wall linings, low impact residential flooring and splashbacks.

Where can I use Laminam 5mm?

Laminam 5+mm is ideal for flooring, wall linings, splashbacks and cladding.

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