What is the White Night Design Style?

The all-white kitchen is timeless. Luminous and optimistic, white speaks of cleanliness and a readiness for entertaining. Delicate veining patterns bring subtle details to White Nights, and a herringbone effect catches the light. Simple and minimal, this design style is quietly self-assured.
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Left to right: 1. Laminex Acrylic Panel White Linen, Caesarstone Snow Benchtop, Creative Kitchens and Stone 2. Caesarstone Intense White, Oak and Orange 3. Laminex Laminate Pure Mineralstone, Steadfast Joinery 4. Caesarstone Empira White 5. Seratone Aquapanel Polar White Tile

The White Night Palette

This style pairs the simplicity and cleanliness of white with subtle details and patterns in stone textures, resulting in a space that feels elegant, sophisticated and approachable all at once.


HIMACS Diamond White

Caesarstone Organic White

Caesarstone Empira White

Laminex Formica Laminate White Valencia


Laminex Acrylic Panel White Linen Matte

Laminex Acrylic Panel Meringue

Melteca Snowdrift

Melteca Malibu


Seratone Aqua Polar White Subway


Laminam Ardesia Bianco

Caesarstone Cosmopolitan White

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