High Pressure Laminate (HPL) for Interiors

Inspired by shape and form, combining sophistication with modern colours and finishes, Laminex Laminate reimagines the classics while embracing the trends.

Ideal for:
• Benchtops
• Vanities
• Cabinetry fronts
• Feature panels
• Internal doors
• Retail furniture
• Bar tops/fronts
• Dining/coffee tables
• Wall linings
• Desktops
• Splashback/upstands

From left to right: 1. Benchtop - Laminex Laminate Calacatta Gold, 2. Vanity - Laminex Laminate Cararra Delicata 3. Island Benchtop - Tinted Paper Terrazzo, Back Wall Panel - Melteca Winter Sky, Tables - Laminex Laminate Burnt Ochre 4. Cabinetry - Melteca Shou Sugi, Benchtop - Laminex Laminate Carrara Delicata, 5. Long Cabinetry - Melteca Porcelian Blush, Island Cabinetry - Laminex Formica Laminate Kalamata

Near Benchtop: Laminex Formica Laminate Black Birchply, Far Benchtop and Back Benchtop and Upstand: Laminex Formica Laminate Carrara Delicata, Long Cabinetry: Laminex Formica Laminate Black Birchply, Upper Cabinetry: Laminex Formica Laminate Porcelain Blush
Design by Sticks and Stones Design

Laminex Laminate / Formica

Classic Collection

Born off the back of local and global design influences, the Laminex Laminate Formica Classic Collection contains the best of the best in terms of décor design, finish and colour - giving you the variety and reliability you need in one sleek collection. Including a vast range of our most loved décors as well as some modern, new additions making it perfect for all your benchtops, countertops, doors and work surface solutions.

Minerals and Marbles

Laminex Minerals and Marbles range is inspired by timeless marble, granite and concrete surfaces. Marble décors offer sophistication whilst our aggregates deliver a luxurious look of natural stone and quartz. Our concrete surfaces are raw and unrefined and bring a sense of lasting durability.

Right: Benchtop and splashback Laminex Formica Laminate White Cement, Kitchen island cabinetry and under benchtop cabinetry Laminex Formica Laminate Urban Planked Oak, Top cabinetry Melteca Possum

Whites and Solids

We know design decisions can be challenging. So to help make things easier we have curated a timeless palette of white and neutral laminates that are split into three categories: White Solids, Mid Tone Solids and Dark Tone Solids - in addition to accent décors which you can use to create your own unique interior.
Left: Laminex Formica Ghosgum


Laminex Laminate Woodgrains Collection realistically captures the colours, textures and fibre detail of natural timbers in a surface material that’s highly durable, easy to clean and affordable. They are scratch, stain, heat and UV resistant, so they won’t age or discolour, as natural timbers can in similar interior applications.
Right: Desk and shelving Laminex Formica Laminate Natural Walnut, Benchtop, splashback and wall lining Laminex Formica Laminate Tumbled Terrazzo, Cabinetry Melteca Baikal

Laminex Laminate / Formica

Speciality Collection

Laminex Laminate Speciality Collection is sophisticated and tactile, bringing a defined and sleek palette to life. From the elegant, sophisticated, matte finish surface of Alucci, to the stunning Laminex Metallic Laminate capturing the colour and character of real metals, the Speciality Collection is the perfect solution for your next innovative project.


Ground-breaking European innovation that uses high-energy electrons at a controlled rate to cure and create the ultimate smooth and abrasion resistant surface. The result is a surface that delivers superior fingerprint and scratch resistance, coupled with natural silver ion antibacterial protection, to ensure your surface stays looking smarter and cleaner for longer.

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Laminex Metallic Laminate combines the colour and character of real metals with the practical properties of laminate. Created as a texture on top of real metal foils, metallic laminates achieve a textile feel with a crisp touch and low gloss sheen.
Left: Laminex Laminate Brushed Brass

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Magnetic / Writeable Laminate

This laminate has a metal foil incorporated between the material surface layers to create the ultimate magnetic hold. Writeable and easy to clean, perfect for vertical applications.
Right: Laminex Magnetic Laminate Glossy White

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