MARCH 12, 2024

Working towards our goal of avoiding, recycling or reusing 70% of our waste by Financial Year 2026, we recently partnered with fellow Fletcher Building business unit Iplex NZ to institute a new PVC recycling initiative.

In April 2023, two tonnes of Laminex PVC edgetape found a new purpose at the Iplex Palmerston North factory, demonstrating the feasibility of recycling PVC materials between two Fletcher Building business units.

The adhesive-free quality of the Laminex PVC edgetape played a crucial role in the success of this initiative. PVC, when mixed with other materials, poses challenges, particularly in the recycling process. The Iplex Palmerston North factory utilised state-of-the-art shredderpelletiser equipment to granulate the adhesive-free PVC edgetape. This process not only ensured efficient recycling but also addressed the specific requirements of PVC materials, preventing any undesirable reactions and ensuring the integrity of the finished product.

Post-granulation, the recycled PVC edgetape blended with other PVC recyclate, forming the basis for the Iplex multilayer 100mm SN6 DWV pipe, commonly used in residential applications. This resulted in the diversion of two tonnes of PVCfrom landfills. Both Laminex and Iplex will look to continue this initiative in the future to save additional PVC from landfills and close the loop with this material.

As architects and tradespeople increasingly prioritise sustainability in their projects, initiatives like these play an important role in shaping our trajectory towards a circular economy. At Laminex, we are looking to prioritise choices likes these to help build a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for Aotearoa New Zealand.

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