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Important Notification: Strandfloor Durability and Exposure Time

At Laminex New Zealand, we understand you may have customers that have had to leave their building sites mid-construction. Below we've identified our flooring products that have a limited exposure time and the necessary steps to protect the floor platform. The following Strandfloor™ products have a limited exposure time to weathering:

Strandfloor recommended exposure time – 8 weeks

StrandfloorH3.1 recommended exposure time – 12 weeks

What action should I take if the flooring platform will be exposed for longer than recommended exposure times?:

  • It is possible to cover Strandfloor using breathable covers / tarpaulins, the covers must be kept clear of the Strandfloor to allow air to circulate, creating a “tent” over floor area.
  • Where possible after rain the platform should be swept to prevent ponding.
  • Holes can be drilled to allow water to escape to the sub-floor space. Bottom plates may prevent water escaping over side of flooring platform.


Do NOT do the following:

  • Use liquid sealers to protect the Strandfloor surface.
  • Use non breathable covers such as polythene as they do not breathe, doing this will prevent airflow and it will sweat/condensate.
  • Cover with sheet material such as MDF, plywood, hardboard etc., as with the non-breathable covers & liquid sealers this will trap moisture in the board.


If it is unavoidable that the Strandfloor will be exposed longer than the recommended exposure times:

  • Laminex can arrange for a sample from the flooring platform to be tested for structural properties and confirm that it is fit for purpose. This is a free of charge service. Contact your Laminex representative for details on this process, or if you have any questions. You can also download ourStrandfloor technical brochure here.

Strandfloor® and Strandsarking® are now Codemark Certified

Proudly NZ made, the Strand range is created from pine and specified to meet even the highest building standards while offering the perfect solution for creating exceptional interior spaces. 



Strandfloor products are BRANZ appraised, Codemark Certified and are available from your local building supply merchant. 

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Is an engineered wood panel product specifically designed for use as a sarking under roofing materials that require continuous support. Strandsarking is now Codemark Certified.

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Strandboard® is a versatile reconstituted wood panel manufactured entirely from renewable plantation pine timber. It is designed specifically for a range of building and furniture & joinery applications.

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