High density reconstituted wood panel bonded

Strandsarking is a high density reconstituted wood panel bonded with moisture resistant resin and wax, specifically formulated for use as a roof sarking material under asphalt shingles and membrane roofing products.

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Is suitable to be used in roofing applications with a roof pitch of 2º or greater.

Can be used with roofing materials weighing up to 150 kg/m².

Is nominally 16.3mm thick and has a textured surface to provide a more slip-resistant surface that is available with smoothly sanded panel products.

Limitation of Use

Strandsarking should not be used on surfaces less than 2 degrees, decks and trafficable areas.

Strandsarking should not be used on buildings outside of the scope of NZS 3604.

For full list of limitations, please consult the Strandsarking technical data sheets


Red List Free

Strandsarking is declared as Red List Free in the Declare Products Database. This is a globally recognised nutrition label for the building products industry, formed as part of the Living Building Challenge. Red List Free products have all ingredients disclosed in the Declare database and none of those ingredients appear on the Living Building Challenge Red List.

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