JUNE 17, 2024

This modern family retreat uses Surround by Laminex® Scallop 45 panels to layer texture in a multifaceted living space.

Interior designer Kate Gardham of SUEDE + STONE was brought into the project to create a sanctuary which would allow the family to socalise and entertain, whilst also being able to handle a busy family with teenage children. The much-needed update to the spatial planning and materiality needed to be relaxed but at the same time have a sense of refinement; a calm, spacious kitchen and living area, where family can come together and relax, without stepping on each other’s toes.

“The kitchen acts as the social heart of this home, it’s part of the dining space and its part of the living space as well as the outside entertaining space.” - Kate Gardham

Surround by Laminex Scallop 45 profile adds texture to the living room wall

With the application of the curved scallop groove, it encapsulated the living space providing texture and flow. The Surround by Laminex Scallop 45 panel scalloped waves repeat throughout the front face of the kitchen island and adjoining lounge space, providing connectivity within the open living whilst enclosing the benchtop surrounds, creating a soft decorative aesthetic.

Surround by Laminex Scallop 45 on the front of the island bench

“Layering and texture was important to bring depth, warmth and interest, which is why we used the Surround by Laminex Scallop 45 profile for the bar back and lounge wall. The scallop profile helped to soften all the architectural lines and the clients were drawn to it” - Kate Gardham

This modern home extended the floorplan and with the use of fit-for purpose materials is now a sophisticated sanctuary, tailored to the bespoke requests of her client. Kate has delightfully chosen the scallop profile complementing the overall ‘consciously simple and calming’ palette and vision for this home.

Detail of the Surround by Laminex Scallop 45 on the living room wall

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Designer:  SUEDE + STONE by Kate Gardham