Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions below to help you with any queries about Surround by Laminex.

What is Surround by Laminex?

A range of modern, decorative, pre-primed face, MR MDF panels for interior dry area applications.

Where is Surround by Laminex made


Where can you install them?

Surround by Laminex can only be installed internally in dry areas. The pre-primed panels (face only) can be installed onto prepared plasterboard, timber, steel, brick or masonry wall surfaces.

Do they come in different colours?

No. The pre-primed panel face can be finished with your chosen paint colour to enhance your décor.

What decorative style / patterns are available in NZ?

Demi Round 20 | Demi Round 40 | Scallop 45 | Batten 25 | Classic VJ 100.

How large are the panels?

All decorative panels come in two sizes: 2400mm X 1200mm and 3000mm X 1200mm.

What is the panel thickness?

All profiles are 12mm thick except Classic VJ 100 which is 9mm thick.

What is on the back of the panel?

All profiles come with a low pressure melamine back except Classic VJ 100 which has a raw back.

Are Surround by Laminex Panels suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundries?

No. Surround by Laminex is expressly EXCLUDED from use in wet areas or applications where the product could be contacted by water or liquids, either routinely or by accident. However, it is ok use it around a kitchen island as a kickback.

Can I install Surround by Laminex as a wall lining around a Fireplace?

Yes, as long as all safety standards and clearance rules are adhered to. For more detailed information, refer to page 26 of the Fabrication & Installation Manual.

What is the fire rating of Surround by Laminex?

All decors are Group 3 Fire Rated.

Can Surround by Laminex Panels be used on or to make cabinets?

Surround by Laminex is NOT suitable for cabinetry making. It can however be used as a decorative feature, around a fixture such as a (dry area) shop counter.

Can Surround by Laminex Panels be used on Ceilings or as flooring?

Surround by Laminex is NOT suitable for any ceiling or floor applications.

Can the panels be used outside or in alfresco areas?

Surround by Laminex is NOT suitable for use in any exterior applications.

Can I use Surround by Laminex panels on top of existing plasterboard?

Yes, refer to the Fabrication and Installation Manual for instructions.

What tools, equipment and material do I need to install Surround by Laminex?

Tpically you will need the following:

•    Tape measure
•    Spirit level / laser level
•    String line or equivalent
•    Hand saw or circular saw
•    Hammer and or nail gun or screw gun
•    Pencil or chalk for marking out
•    Caulking gun
•    Sanding sponge
•    Recommended adhesives
•    Nails / screws
•    10mm Spacers or off cuts
•    Compatible timber based filler

How do sheets fit together?

Sheets are easily attached together using the smart tongue and groove system.

Do you need to trim Surround by Laminex Panels?

Some trimming maybe required to fit to height and width of area.

Why do I need to allow for a 10mm expansion gap when installing panels?

Surround by Laminex is made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). MDF responds to the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment, affecting the moisture content of the product, resulting in panel dimensional change.

Is it important to leave the panels to climatise before installation?

Pre-conditioning of Surround by Laminex panels is required in order to achieve moisture content equilibrium (MCE) before fixing, to reduce the likelihood of bowing or shrinkage after installation. Therefore, Surround by Laminex panels must be stored for a minimum period of 48 hours at the same environmental conditions as the subsequent place of use. Failure to condition material may result in product expansion and contraction in response to environmental conditions, particularly with changes in temperature and humidity. This may result in, but is not limited to, bowing or warping of panels, joint failure or build-up of internal stresses that release in the form of cracks.

Can I butt join the panels?

Not without allowing for panel expansion. Claims arising from peaking, movement or any failure of sheets in place due to the use of butt joins will not be covered under warranty.

What is the Pre-Primer product / brand?

Akzo Nobel - High Cover Vacuum Primer (880439013).

Do I need to sand the panels prior to painting?

It depends on your desired finish preference. Lightly sand all surfaces to be coated to obtain a smooth and even finish. Use a sanding sponge or progressively use finer grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth edge free of damage, racks, dents or notches. Care must be taken not to abrade the decorative routed areas as this may result in permanent damage of the surface to be painted. Damage to Surround by Laminex panels as a result of surface or panel preparation activities will not be recognised under warranty. Use a soft brush to remove all sanding / processing dust and contamination before painting commences.

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From left to right: Bedroom wall featuring Batten 25, Retail lobby featuring Demi Round 40, Bedroom wall featuring Scallop 45, Nursery wall featuring Classic VJ 100, Retail space featuring Demi Round 40 and 20.