November 16, 2021

Michelle Halford of Auckland design studio The Design Chaser brings her creativity to the new Melteca finishes from Laminex.

A colour launch brings with it the excitement of new design opportunities and creative expression. And with 10 new Melteca colours – from soft neutrals to striking woodgrains to saturated and bold – designers and homeowners can create fresh new looks or update some of the classic palettes.

We invited Michelle Halford to define three unique styles, alongside colours from the Dulux Colours of New Zealand range. Melteca Porcelain Blush, Borders Oak, Fresh Sprout, Enamel, and Fresh Spring are all brought to life with swatches and textures to inspire your next live, work or play space.

When developing themes, Michelle approached the project intuitively. ‘First, I put the Melteca colours into groupings that felt natural and pleasing to the eye. I then used the depth and richness of woodgrains for contrast and texture.’

From there, she paired select Melteca finishes with Dulux colours. ‘For example, I placed the Melteca Porcelain Blush and Borders Oak finishes with muted paint colours in dark brown and pale pink for a soft and organic feel. The colours sit beautifully together, and even after pairing alternatives, I found those first intuitive choices were also my natural final selection.’

Inspiration from far and near

‘I love to mix old with new,’ says Michelle – ‘vintage finds with new products and hand-crafted, raw pieces.’ When creating mood boards she looks to world design for props: a vintage Japanese sculpture; a hand-crafted ceramic vase by Edinburgh-based potter Julija Pustovrh; a Swedish wash-up whisk; Spanish wooden cabinetry hardware from Katalog.

Scandinavian and Japanese are particular favourites for Michelle, but material also comes from close at hand: ‘In the “Blush” mood board, I have combined Melteca Porcelain Blush and Borders Oak against a soft backdrop of Dulux Glinks Gully Double and Pauatahanui Half. For interest, the colour palette is further layered with props painted in Dulux Kumeu, a dark reddish-brown, and the pale pink hue Prebbleton, while organic materials are used to elevate the darker hues. Natural textures like the scoria and foliage might be added to an interior in fabrics or objects – the props are really there as a starting point for creativity.’

Melteca: Porcelain Blush, Borders Oak
Dulux background paint colours:
Sides: Glinks Gully Double
Base: Pauatahanui Half
Objects clockwise from left:
Viefe Echo Wood Round Knob from Katalog, Kurinuki ceramic vase by Julija Pustovrh Ceramics, Aura Collection Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Almond - ABI
Interiors, Thirroul Matt Subway Tile in Bone – TileHaus, Underground Gloss Subway Tile in Blush,
T Pipe and Dowels Painted in Dulux Prebbleton, Trivet painted in Dulux Kumeu
Stone, pink bath salts and mixed foliage

The soft, lucent quality of Blush gives way to vibrancy in the Fresh Sprout mood board. ‘Melteca’s new colour Fresh Sprout is a pale yellow,’ says Michelle. ‘It’s such an uplifting colour, so I paired it with the soft green Enamel from the new range – both bright, happy colours. Then I added Supreme Oak for a warm, textural contrast. The Dulux backdrop is a mix of the buttery yellow colours Kāpiti and Collingwood Double, paired with the neutral Ōpononi Double. To add further warmth and texture I introduced props in natural materials including leather, rattan, wool, wood and stone. As well as being a playful residential palette, you could do something fun with them in the workplace – for a breakout or meeting room, perhaps.’

Melteca: Enamel, Supreme Oak, Fresh Sprout
Dulux background paint colours:
Sides: Ōpononi Double (left) and Collingwood Double (right)
Base: Kāpiti
Objects clockwise from left:
Lux Travertine look Matt tiles in beige - Tilehaus, Small vase painted in Dulux Pukekawa, Viefe Balto wood square knob (raw) from Katalog, Japanese Kraft woven plant trivet, Iris Hantverk Washing-up whisk
Hasami Porcelain Bottle, Large cube and triangle painted in Dulux Pukekawa, Rings, Small cube and Honey dripper painted in Ōpononi

For her third mood board, Michelle pairs Melteca Fresh Spring with Puregrain Shou Sugi and Black Birchply against a backdrop of Dulux Mangaweka Half and Rakaia. Props include a brushed-nickel mixer tap, stone tiles, pom-poms in an earthy green and a light grey – inspo for a rug or textile – and black cabinetry handles.

‘This grouping is clean and bold, with playful shapes. As I refined the board, I introduced complementary Dulux colours that draw from nature, with Lake Brunner, a navy hue, and Musket Bay, an earthy, muted green.’

What radiates from these mood boards is the versatility of the Melteca and Dulux finishes, which thrive as much in contrast as in harmony. They have been developed to give homeowners and designers ultimate choice in creating interiors that match their personal style.

Melteca: Shou Sugi, Fresh Spring, Black Birchply
Dulux background paint colours:
Sides: Ōpononi Double (left) and Collingwood Double (right)
Base: Kāpiti
Objects clockwise from left:
Elysian Basin Mixer in Brushed Nickel and Imes Cabinetry Pull in Matte Black - ABI
Interiors, Circles painted in Dulux Lake Brunner and Musket Bay, Small rings painted in Dulux Lake Brunner, Wall hook painted in Dulux Musket Bay, Kitkat Mosaic Tile in Travertine – TileHaus, Tezra Cabinetry Pull in Brushed Nickel - ABI Interiors, Glen Brook Slim Subway Gloss Tile in Natural – TileHaus

See these colours, and more

From soft pastels to striking woodgrains, Melteca offers beautiful solutions for residential and commercial applications. If you’d like to know more and see and feel these materials, please get in touch and order samples, or learn more at the link below.

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Styling: Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser
Photography: Helen Bankers
Produced in collaboration with Dulux New Zealand and with the generous support of ABI Interiors, TileHaus and Katalog