On the 11th of December 2023, important new building product regulations will come into effect. These regulations aim to help specifiers and buyers of many building products make informed decisions by providing access to transparent, accurate, and consistent information.

For manufacturers and importers like Laminex New Zealand, it means publishing key information about our products, such as how they comply with the Building Code, and give evidence for any claims we make about our products, all in an easily accessible format.

For customers who sell our products, it means that you need to direct your customers to our BPIR sheets by displaying our website where designated building products are for sale (more details and resources are below).

Architects, designers, tradespeople and consumers do not have any new responsibilities as a result of these new regulations.

Exactly what kind of products are affected?

Products that fall under the building consent process, including products used in spaces for food preparation and utensil washing that are designated into either of the following two classes:

  • Class 1 products: Mass and batch produced building products – e.g. melamine board, particleboard, engineered stone and other products that are produced in batches to a general specification
  • Class 2 products: A line of products where each unit is customised to the specification of an individual client, e.g. customised window joinery

Products which are exempt include:

What resources will Laminex be providing?

At Laminex New Zealand, we’re committed to ensuring you have the information you need to choose appropriate, reliable, and long-lasting products for the job.

We’ve created BPIR Information Sheets for all our Class 1 and Class 2 products. You can find these sheets on our website by clicking the following link or searching on our document browser.

BPIR Sheets

An example of the Laminex BPIR Information Sheet

Packaging and Signage

For manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors who sell or promote our applicable products;

  • Where possible we will have a link to our website, which contains the building product information, on either the product itself or its packaging
  • Where this is not practical to do so, we have created Laminex signage which can be displayed in your showroom or be made available near the product
  • If you advertise or sell our products online, you will need to include a link to our website on the same webpage where the products are displayed for sale

BPIR Signage

For a full rundown of the legislation visit Building.govt.nz

BPIR Website

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