While design trends fade in and out of fashion, the look and feel of timber has always had an enduring relationship with design. Each era offers timber opportunities to showcase its natural beauty in new forms and functions. Melteca Woodgrain finish offers a winning combination of durability and design as a cabinetry solution offering a timber look.

When it comes to the hub of the home, a busy place where we are often juggling more than the food on our plate, the earthy colour palette of timber is perfect for creating a peaceful and serene environment.

The idea of using timber for cabinetry sounds beautiful, but it’s not always practical. Timber can be porous, absorbing spills and foods - not something you want to worry about when you’re busy in the kitchen.

Practical Panels

To counteract the pitfalls of timber while achieving a similar look, Melteca offers an ideal alternative for kitchens, laundries, sculleries, wardrobes and feature walls.

Melteca is a beautiful and practical solution for enhanced durability and ease of cleaning. It offers a high quality, cost-effective cabinetry product, driven by design aesthetic.

Designed for use in high traffic working areas and made with high quality, low pressure laminate, Melteca is incredibly durable. The expansive range of colours and finishes offered by Melteca are inspired by local and international design, allowing home owners to achieve the perfect aesthetic for any style.

From Start to Finish

The beauty of Melteca panels is that the finish is your choice, ensuring the perfect signature for your aesthetic. While the Woodgrain and Puregrain finish give the look of timber with the durability and functionally of melamine, Satin, Natural and Pearl create a more subtle smooth finish.

Explore the Melteca Tones of New Zealand collection and download the brochure, which contains all the information you need to create a beautiful timber-inspired look.

Explore our most popular Melteca Woodgrains colours

Featured above:
Bathroom vanity, living room unit and kitchen island and lower cabinets: Melteca Sublime teak

Design and build: @bacicgroup
Photography: @dionrobeson
Styling: @annapearlflanders
Cabinetry: Optima Interiors
Artwork: @ellecampbellart